• Strategic Alliances Profile

    Strategic Alliances Profile

    Gusto Holdings has entered into strategic agreements to obtain access to world class technologies, products, services and know how. Our key joint venture and distribution agreements relates to: Modular freight rail wagons and terminals. Fiber Optic Cables. Desulfurization technology for Multi Product Pipelines. SBM Energy PTY (ltd), a BEE company involved in the petroleum industry, together with Gusto Holdings has acquired the imported technology and expertise to resolve the Multiproduct Pipeline limitations in as far as the sulphur contamination is concerned.The technology involves the principle of desulfurization by the Nano-Fibrous Mats made of Zinc - Titanium -Oxide to reduce sulphur content up to 10ppm to meet future EURO 6 specification. Ubar & Swiss railway systems LLC is a well-capitalised limited liability company and is a joint venture between Omani and Swiss shareholders.They are providers of systems for heavy haul railway operators in GCC, Middle East and East Africa.They provide advances rail based logistics for ore and mineral transports, data driven maintenance and inspection know-how, services and products for the operation of heavy haul systems. Oman Fiber Optic(OFO)manufacturing facilities are located in Rusayl industrial estate, in Muscat the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman.State of the art machinery from Nextrom, Finland and Rosendahl, Austria is used for fiber drawing and cabling operations.The plant is customized for drawing of Optical fiber and manufacture of a wide range of Optical fiber cables.The fiber draw area is certified to international clean room standards.   OFO has an installed capacity to draw 300,000 fiber km per annum.The cable production is 20 000km per annum,and a wide range of cables can be manufacture.OFO manufacturers cables suited for deployment in Ducts,Direct Burial applications,Aerial stringing,deployment in plenums & risers and specialty cables for customized applications.  Read More
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