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    Water & Sanitation

    Our vision is to provide sustainable and reliable water and sanitation solutions, which is affordable and easily accessible to drive prosperous growth for South Africa, the African Continent and the Middle East. The Gusto Sanitation system is a water born sanitation system, designed for the on-site treatment of effluent.This means that sewage can be treated on site without the need for a connection to the municipal grid. Read More
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When the toilet is flushed, the sewage flow to a primary tank where it is digested through the aerobic and anaerobic process.

The GSS uses naturally occuring micro organisms and enzymes contained in a special bacteria blend, which are added as a biological additive to facilitate the digestion. There-are the semi purified water flows into a secondary tank (During Filter) where the pathogens and remaining solids are removed.The result  is water that pathogens and remaining solids are removed.The result is water that is suitable for re-use in the cystern, irrigation of lawns et or released into drainage field.When recycled, it saves between 7 and 9 litres of drinking water which would normally be flushed down the sewer system.

As an example the GSS 3600 services up to 30 people per day.This includes all grey and black wastewater and is calculated at 120L per person per day.

The GSS can be used as a mini-filtration plant,replace or modify existing septic tanks and replace/augment the need for bulk sewage works.

It is social class neutral and can be installed in informal settlements, low cost housing, backyard dwellers, upmarket development and estates as well as farms, game lodges, National Parks and small holdings where no bulk sewage is available.